Mini Personalised Frames

Our Mini Photo Frames are tokens of love that you can customise with a photo or polaroid that means the world to you. Whether it is a gift for someone else or yourself, they'll be loved and cherished by whoever receives it.

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Shop Mini Photo Frames from Australia

Empyrean The Collection is known for our timeless yet thoughtful frame designs. We are based in Sydney and pride ourselves on curating thoughtful gifts and mementoes for the people you love. Our Mini Photo Frame collection is handmade in our studio with care and attention to detail.

Mini Photo Frames FAQs

What Are Mini Photo Frames?

Our mini photo frames are hand-sized, clear frames crafted in our studio and designed to your customisations. They’re the little sister of our original Polaroid frames (and the even smaller version of our XL frames). We offer a variety of fun frames to give them more of your unique personality, including pressed flowers, checkered prints or smiley faces.

Our Mini Photo Frames are magnetised, making them an endearing addition to your fridge or whiteboard. Their miniature size but sturdy nature makes them ideal for displaying in areas of your home that you frequent.

How Do I Order Mini Photo Frames?

We have a simple step-by-step process for ordering your Mini Photo Frame.

  1. Choose between a vertical or horizontal frame, as this will impact the layout of your customisation.
  2. Upload the photo you’d like to include in the frame. Our rules for a good photo choice include avoiding photos taken at night (unless with flash), having faces too close to the edge of the photo or using a light filter. Photos that look the best are generally taken in natural light with centred subjects.
  3. Choose your frame design. We have a large selection to browse, including the colour of your chosen design.
  4. Choose your text and font – or leave it blank if you'd prefer not to have a message.
  5. If the Mini Photo Frame is a gift, add a card for an additional cost.
  6. Let us know if you’re comfortable with us sharing the final product on social media.

And you’re all done! If you have a change of heart concerning the photo, design or text, reach out to the team within 24 hours before the studio gets to work on your frame.

What Sizes of Photos Do Mini Photo Frames Accommodate?

You don’t have to worry about printing your own pictures for our Mini Photo Frames as they all come with a Polaroid or photo included.

All you have to do is upload a digital photo or high-quality scan on the designated product page, and we’ll take care of the rest!

If you’re ever after mini prints, personalised Polaroid prints are the way to go. They’re adorable, credit card-sized photos to carry around in your wallet, give as a gift or add to your photography wall in your bedroom.

Can I Personalise Mini Photo Frames with Names or Special Messages?

Personalising is our favourite thing to do! Our mini photo frames, like our standard-sized versions, allow for an abundance of customisation, including messages. You can choose if your frame will have a design, what colour that design will be, whether you’ll include text or not and what font you’d like.

As these are mini frames, there is a limit for how many characters we can include, which is 15. For more options, check out our personalised frames collection.

Are Mini Photo Frames Suitable for Various Occasions?

We find that mini photo frames make the perfect gift for a myriad of occasions – so much so that we’ve created several gift bundles to cater to them.

You’ll find our mini photo frames in Valentine’s and graduation bundles. They also suit intimate events and celebrations such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and Christmas.

Get In Touch With Us Today!

Empyrean The Collective is always looking for ways to make gift-giving magical. If you have any questions about our mini photo frames or other products, don’t hesitate to reach out.