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At Empyrean The Collective, we're ushering in a new era of personalisation. Make your wedding even more special with our bespoke pieces. Order now 👰

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Weddings are all about the details. With so many to tend to, personalisation becomes a priority. You don’t want your special day to seem like a cookie cutter of someone else’s. Let us help you achieve something extraordinary, whether you’re giving the wedding gift or receiving it.

Shop Personalised Wedding Gifts from Australia

Our collection of personalised wedding gifts is Australian-made and will bring a smile to every face. Share a moment close to your heart, or be bold with unique wishing-well wedding boxes for your guests to pop their heartfelt cards into.

We aim to create pieces filled with tender love and care. Finding the perfect place cards or table numbers doesn’t have to be a battle of overdone minimalism or wobbly handwriting. You can browse our collection, which is designed to be personalised, gorgeous and elegant. We’re here to give your big day those final touches of je ne sais quoi you desire.

Personalised Wedding Gifts FAQs

What are Personalised Wedding Gifts?

Wedding gifts have always been part of the deal, but personalised wedding gifts are a fun and modern solution to celebrating a marriage. They offer a new level of sentimental value by being entirely customisable and are easier to put together than expected.

We boast a range of personalised wedding gifts for you to pick from, including our unique personalised frames. Nothing says warm and intimate like a snap of you and the happy couple framed by pressed flowers.

How Much Should I Spend on a Wedding Gift?

The cost of wedding gifts is a variable and debated topic. It’s a simple rule of thumb that there is no minimum or maximum amount that guests should spend.

Rather than the economic value of a wedding gift, what it says to the couple matters most. No price can be put on the value of a gift from the heart, which is exactly what Empyrean The Collective is built on. The thought and care you put into ordering a wedding gift from us is worth its weight in gold.

What Types of Personalised Wedding Gifts are Available?

At Empyrean The Collective, we offer a range of personalised wedding gifts, including:

Heart Padlocks

Inspired by the love lock bridges of Seoul and Paris, our heart padlocks are adorable and meaningful. They are personalised keepsakes, perfect for anniversary, engagement or wedding gifts.

Polaroid Frames

Polaroid Frames make heartwarming anniversary and wedding gifts. For something unique, explore our best-selling flower frame, with the option to have your bouquet pressed and framed. They also come in XL and mini sizes so that you can choose the perfect size.

Photo Frames

Featuring pressed flowers to act as an ideal wedding gift, our Photo Frames can be customised in a number of ways to suit your requirements, including for birthdays and graduations.

Illustration Frames

Get extra creative with Personalised line art and digital illustration frames. Personalise every aspect from the text to the image, handmade in our studio with care.

Message Frames

You can tell the happy couple how much you love them day in and day out with a message frame. Choose from our array of sweet messages, then slip in a cute photo or personalised Polaroid.

What Wedding Details Can I Personalise?

There are many ways to bring an extra touch to your wedding – and the easiest is with all your wedding details. We recommend personalising your wedding details around three months before your wedding so that you have plenty of time.

Wishing Well Box

Made from acrylic, our wishing well box is a wedding detail you won’t want to miss. Measuring 30 x 30 x 30 cm, it boasts a range of fonts and designs for you to choose from, including wordings. Use it at your engagement party, reception, ceremony – or all three!

Place Cards

Pick from various elegant fonts and shapes with our wedding place cards. 

A lovely addition, place cards can also double as extra wedding favours. Use them as coasters, paperweights or turn them into magnets with a bit of creativity.

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Empyrean The Collective specialises in crafting bespoke pieces for your big day. Your wedding is a celebration of everything you are, and we’re here to make sure that shines through. If you’d like to learn more about how we can curate your order, contact us now.