Refund Policy

Due to the customised nature of our products we do not offer refunds. If you wish to cancel your order, please advise us within 24 hours of your order being placed. If you ordered a Personalised Frame and your photo has already been printed after this period, a $2 fee will apply. 


Unfortunately, we are unable to accept returns or provide exchanges on our earrings due to hygiene reasons.


In the unlikely event that you receive a defective item or an item that does not match your order, an exchange or refund will be offered. Please advise us within 7 days of delivery by contacting us at

Pending Charges

We're so sorry for the confusion! What you see in your bank account is an authorization (pending charge) and not a real charge and will be reversed in a few days.

In this situation, your card was not billed and we did not receive your order. Instead, an authorization has been placed on the card (which if you use a debit card may appear as a “charge” since it temporarily lowers your available spending limit). This can happen as we've enabled AVS (Address Verification System) or CVV rules to help protect against fraudulent transactions.

The processing bank sent the request to charge your card, and initially an authorization was approved, but, secondarily, the AVS or CVV rule failed, so the payment gateway declined the transaction. We apologise for the inconvenience, this system is in place to protect you and us! 💙