Personalised Polaroid Frames

Think of the last great memory you had. We’re sure you would’ve taken a picture. And you’re probably wondering, how can I relive it every day or even remind someone else of that cherished moment? 

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At Empyrean The Collective, we’re all about holding those great moments close to our hearts. With our range of personalised polaroid frames, every photograph that means a lot to you can be immortalised! 

Shop Personalised Polaroid Frames from Australia  

Memories are the snapshots of our lives. They encapsulate moments of laughter, tears, triumphs, and the myriad emotions we experience throughout our journey. Every photograph we take is a silent testament to a story, a fleeting moment, a feeling that was profound enough to be captured forever.

These memories shouldn’t be stashed away in digital folders or stacked in old albums gathering dust. They deserve to be showcased, celebrated, and relieved. When you give someone a personalised Polaroid frame from our collection, you're doing much more than presenting a tangible item. You're giving an emotion, a moment in time, a piece of history that holds significance in your lives!

Why Gift Ideas with Polaroid Pictures Make the Best Gifts

Unique & Thoughtful

In an age where mass-produced items are aplenty, a personalised gift stands out. It shows the recipient that you've put thought into their gift and that you remember and cherish the moments you've shared.


While gadgets may become obsolete and clothes may wear out, memories remain timeless. Framing a special photo ensures that the memory remains fresh and alive, regardless of how much time has passed.


Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or just because, a framed memory is suitable for any occasion!  

In the heart of Australia, Empyrean The Collective crafts each frame with precision and love. Our range of personalised Polaroid frames ensures that every photograph, every emotion, and every story is cradled with the respect and admiration it deserves. 

By gifting one of our frames, you're not just offering a product but a portal to the past, a reminder of the beautiful moments that shape our lives. For more details on our products, feel free to explore the range of unique pressed frames available in a variety of designs. If you have any questions, feel free to check out our FAQs below or leave us a message and we will get in touch with you. 

Personalised Polaroid Frames FAQs

What are Personalised Polaroid Frames?

In a world dominated by digital snapshots and instant shares, Empyrean The Collective revives the charm of the classic Polaroid with a contemporary flair. 

Our Personalised Polaroid Frames are a chic twist on traditional photo frames, fusing vintage aesthetics with detailed ornamental elements like flowers, butterflies and bouquets. Each frame is meticulously crafted to capture the essence of your memories, making them a piece of home in any setting. 

With an emphasis on customisation, we ensure that every frame tells your story.  

How Do I Order a Personalised Polaroid Frame?

At Empyrean The Collective, we've made the journey of ordering your cherished memories into artful masterpieces easy and quick.  

Step 1

Begin by browsing through our exquisite collection of designs and find a style that resonates with your taste and the emotion behind the memory. Or, if you think it would be funnier, pick something they think would be hilarious when paired with the memory!

Step 2

Once you've found your design match, it's time to upload your photo. Choose your favourite photo and make sure it's not too dark, pixelated or has faces too close to the edge of the border.

Step 3  

Personalise further by selecting your preference – whether you desire a certain phrase, font or colours, customise your polaroid frame here!  

After tailoring your frame, fill in your shipping details. We handle every order with utmost care, ensuring your frame reaches you in pristine condition. If you happen to receive a faulty item, we will be happy to refund or replace your order.